Canada’s Top Sturgeon Fishing Charters

The thrill of finding – and catching – North America’s largest freshwater fish can’t be compared to anything else. At Sturgeon Hunter, we understand how important booking the right Sturgeon fishing charter can be; that’s why we’ve established a solid reputation for having the best Sturgeon fishing guides in British Columbia.

Sturgeon Fishing Charters in BC: An All-Inclusive Adventure

Sturgeon Fishing Charters

Finding an all-inclusive Sturgeon fishing charter in BC can be almost as tough as finding a record-breaking sturgeon, so thankfully, you’ve found us. As one of Canada’s premier sturgeon fishing charter services, Sturgeon Hunter can help you plan your trip from beginning to end.

We will:

  • help you find the perfect accommodations for your stay in BC
  • assign you to expert sturgeon fishing guides who know where to find the biggest fish
  • provide top-quality bait and tackle to each passenger on our sturgeon fishing charters
  • shelter you in our covered, heated aluminum jet boats during inclement weather
  • cheer you on and provide expert advice as you reel in one of the massive Sturgeon on the Fraser River

What to Expect on Steve Kaye’s Sturgeon Hunter Fishing Charters

Once you arrive, we’ll sign you in and introduce you to some of the world’s best Sturgeon fishing guides. You’ll board one of our watercraft and your sturgeon fishing adventure will begin!

Our Sturgeon fishing charters are manned by highly experienced, very qualified Sturgeon fishing guides who know where to find the big fish.

Is a Steve Kaye Sturgeon Hunter Fishing Charter Right for You?

At Sturgeon Hunter, we deal with anglers who have varying degrees of experience. We work with children, families, large corporate groups and anyone else who wants to test the waters with our professional Sturgeon fishing guides. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy our Sturgeon fishing charters – all you need is the desire to find, catch and reel in a huge sturgeon.

Book Your Sturgeon Fishing Charter with World-Class Experts

Canada's best Sturgeon fishing charters

Now that you’ve discovered one of Canada’s best Sturgeon fishing charters, it’s time to book your trip. Give us a call at (604) 612-7850 or send us an email. We’ll help you plan your trip, arrange accommodation that works for you, and secure your spot on one of our Sturgeon fishing charters. Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Sturgeon Hunter!